By Anna Eborn & Oscar Ruiz Navia

Two filmmakers from different countries explore the memories of their mothers, to create a narrative fiction concerning the recovery of life.

In Sweden, a teenage girl loses her mother. While dealing with deep grief, the girl dreams her mother comes back. In Colombia, a mother longs for a significant change in the routine of her life. After reaching a certain age, she finds herself alone and somewhat drifting without purpose. She starts looking for spaces to explore her own spirituality: she visits a healing sweat lodge, tries a raw food diet and practices yoga. The Colombian mother looks exactly like the Swedish mother, and the yoga teacher is identical to the Swedish daughter. Now in another part of the world they start a new relationship: the daughter is the teacher and the mother is the student. This unusual situation opens a new understanding of time, as if somehow both mother and daughter had re-incarnated into completely different beings.