By Anna Eborn & Oscar Ruiz Navia

Format: Feature
Duration: 71 min
Release: 2016

On the remote island of Fårö in Sweden a woman experiences the death of her mother. ”As she died, my dream was born, for her return”. In Colombia a mother attempts to soothe her spirit by attending healing workshops with other women. In Canada a mother prepares to become a grandmother for the second time. Reenacted memories of the two directors and twisted realities of the main characters real lives are playfully weaved together in a fictive movement from darkness to light, from death to life. 

Oscar Ruiz Navia
Anna Eborn

Gerylee Polanco Uribe
Erik Hemmendorff
Oscar Ruiz Navia
Anna Eborn

Mateo Gúzman
Peter Flinckenberg

Rodrigo Ramos Estrada
Amalia Westerlin
Mariana Emilia Vejarano

Cecilia Navia
Juanita Escobar
Martha Isabel Góngora Navia
Ana María Ruiz Navia
Luz Dary Ruiz
Gerylee Polanco Uribe
Manuk Aukan Mejïa Ruiz
Carmen Ruiz Navia
Anina Ixchel Mejía Ruiz

International Film Festival Busan, Korea - 2016