By Fijona Jonuzi

Format: Short
Duration: 15 min
Release: 2011

Hanna 32, is on her way home one late evening when she stops by at 7-eleven. She runs into an acquaintance, Andreas, 20, who invites her to a party near by. When they enter the apartment Hanna realizes that the party consists of five twenty year old boys. At first, Hanna feels uncomfortable. She becomes the center of the party, but at the same time it’s obvious that she’s not really a part of it. Hanna is both flattered and embarrassed, but she does her best to adjust to the group. She’s finally able to relax and enjoy the party. But just as Hanna starts feeling like she’s one of them, something happens behind her back that makes it clear she’s not. Hanna notices that something is strange, but she doesn’t know why. Once again, she’s outside the group.

 GIRL is a film about social positions and the complexity of oppression. 

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Fijona Jonuzi

Emma Kjellander

Gustaf Boman Bränngård

Sophia Olsson

Guro Bruusgaard

Vera Vitali
David Arnesen
Tom Ljungman
Charlie Gustafsson
Freddy Åsblom
Joel Schmidt

Folkets bio

- France, Vendôme Film Festival, 2011
Prix spécial du jury/Jury special prize

- Park City, Short Film Competition, Sundance Film Festival

- Cork, Cork Film Festival

- Uppsala, Competition, Uppsala Int. Short Film

- Toronto, World WIde Short Film Festival