By Ruben Östlund

Format: Feature
Duration: 145 min
Release: 2017

The Square is a poignant satirical drama reflecting our times – about the sense of community, moral courage and the affluent person’s need for egocentricity in an increasingly uncertain world.

Christian is the successful curator of a modern art museum – he lives in the epicenter of the art community and takes his work very seriously. A few days before the opening of the prestigious exhibition The Square he is mugged, which he can neither shake off or let pass unnoticed. Christian embarks on a hunt for the perpetrator and ends up in situations that turn steadily more amusing, and make him question his own moral compass. Simultaneously he has to deal with the PR agency the museum hired to help market the upcoming exhibition. Something which takes an unexpected turn and plunges both the curator and the museum into crisis.

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Director / Script:
Ruben Östlund

Erik Hemmendorff
Philippe Bober

Fredrik Wenzel

Ruben Östlund
Jacob Schulsinger

Claes Bang
Elisabeth Moss
Dominic West
Terry Notary
Christopher Læssø
Marina Schiptjenko
Annica Liljeblad

- Festival de Cannes 2017
Winner of Palme d'Or, Winner of Vulcain Prize for the Technical Artist

- 90th Academy Awards                                   Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

- 75th Golden Globe Awards                                   Nominated for Best Motion Picture - Foreign Language

- 30th European Film Awards                        Winner of Best film, Best Comedy, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Actor, Best Production Design

- International Cinephile Society Awards 2017
Winner of Best Screenplay

- San Sebastián International Film Festival 2017
Nominated for Zabaltegi-Tabakalera Prize

- Boston Society of Film Critics Awards 2017             Winner of  Best Foreign Language Film

- Georgia Film Critics Association 2018                     Winner of Best Foreign Film

- Guldbaggen 2018                                                       Winner of Best Direction, Best Cinematography

- Hamburg Film Festival 2017
Nominated for Critics Award

- Adelaide Film Festival 2017
Nominated for Foxtel Movies International Award, Best Feature

- British Independent Film Awards 2017                  Nominated for Best International Independent Film